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Enjoy this selection of fused glass art created in the G3 Glass Studio
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Fusing is the technique of joining two or more pieces of glass by heat in a kiln. Fusing, also known as Kilnforming, requires precise control of time, temperature and materials to achieve anything you can imagine.

Tumbling Blocks
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Handmade, fused glass plate creates the illusion of 3-D blocks of with sides of orange, yellow and gray. The pattern will fool your eyes and the blocks are suddenly stacked differently or appear to tumble across the dish

Sweet 16
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Handmade, fused glass plate separates bold red, blue, green and yellow quadrants with solid black lines to create a striking glass dish

Pride Love

Celebrating Pride Month with message of love and acceptance with this 4"x4" suncatcher 


Inspired by the sunflower and lilac fields we saw cycling in France, the freehand petals with crushed glass hills on a wispy cloud background bring back fond memories

Tie Dye

Tie Dye holds a special place in our family, though this 6" bowl was created without staining my fingers, struggling with rubber bands or dripping dye across the kitchen floor

Tie Dye

Five glass colors in a spiral pattern helped create this unique 6" bowl

Tie Dye
The Blues

A combination of 6 glass colors swirled into unique pattern to create a beautiful 6" bowl

Bowl of Koi

Delicate fins, lily pads and the pink lotus flower bring the calm of a Koi pond without the fuss of  advanced filtration and fish food


Wild Orca in the waters of the Pacific northwest inspired this birthday gift for my sister


My wife grew up north of Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley, home to the locally famous Poppy Preserve. An explosion of color covers the foothills when the California Poppies bloom each year.


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