Metroid Enemy - GDQ 2023

This two-layer, handmade, fused glass Metroid is my take on the classic enemy from the Metroid universe. 

This one-of-a-kind prize measures 4" x 4" and comes with the display stand shown. The Metroid is contained in a gray tunnel and the highly textured piece includes multiple colors and types of hand-made, red, yellow and green murrini/vitrigraph glass as well as transparent blue dichroic and aventurine green glass that shimmers brightly in changing light.

The How: The individual pieces are cut, cleaned and placed on a background of clear/black streaky glass. The murrini and vitrigraph glass was nipped and arranged and the final sprinkle of dichroic blue glass was applied. The piece was placed in a kiln and fired to 1,415 degrees over 7 hours to fuse the design to the base of clear and streaky black glass. After the glass was completely cooled it was cleaned again and ready to display.


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